Are you looking for partner assistance in secondary drug packaging and serialization?

You're in the right place! Choose the European Pharma Hub Team!

With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry behind us, we know what you need! We can help you with the following packaging and labeling tasks with our cost-effective solutions:

  • Complete secondary packaging of medicinal products (human and veterinary medicinal products) based on a GMP permit.
  • Comprehensive secondary packaging of medical devices and dietary supplements.
  • Production/assembly of medical technical kits.
  • Promotional packaging.
  • Inscription, labeling of medicinal products.
  • Serialization, unique marking.
  • Shrink wrapping.
  • Secondary packaging of test samples and controlled delivery and delivery to test centers.

Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and aims to provide highest quality services.

We use modern machinery and can pack more than 4 million boxes per year with the possibility to quickly double this capacity.

All packaging and labeling processes are strictly GMP and SOP based.

In case you have special requirements, please ask us and we will work out a solution for you.

We have the permission to do also the secondary packaging for antibiotics, hormonal products and cytotoxic preparations.

Furthermore, our pharmaceutical manufacturing licenses enable us to pack secondary and release of human and veterinary medicinal products.

More details of packaging


  • Legal advice on national regulations
  • Single-language label
  • Multi-language label
  • Braille
  • EAN and 2D Data Matrix Code
  • Over-stickering
  • Vial labeling


  • EAN & 2D-data matrix code
  • printing
  • serialization
  • medical sample and donation labeling

Secondary Packaging (according to approved artwork supplied by customer)

  • Custom design folding box
  • New folding box creation
  • Folding box change (repack)
  • Change of PIL, SMPC and their insertion

Medical Devices & OTC products


In addition to the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products, we can pack medical devices and OTC products in a cost effective way. In case you have special requirements, please ask us. We are ready to work with you on new solutions.

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